“What would happen if we would create a company that offers top-class energy and environmental commodity consultancy?”

A few colleagues of mine asked me this question at the beginning of 2005. A few months later and with the help of Patrick Debusseré, E&C, energy and environmental commodity consultants was born (www.eecc.eu). Together with my business partner Luc De Leersnyder we have realized our dream. We are now a pan-European energy procurement consultancy. The things that I am proud of? The sort of clients that we can serve. The level of expertise that we offer them. The fact that we run a real international business. Seeing your co-workers doing things exactly the way you would have done them.

Originally, I would focus on environmental commidities, mainly carbon dioxide emission rights. But it soon became clear that the energy market was pulling my attention. As I dug deeper and deeper into the physics and the economics of buying energy, I grew more and more passionate about it. I can’t stop talking about it. I have even started blogging about it.

The first and the last thing that I do on every working day is consulting the tickers with information on the energy prices. Energy-tics. (I even consult them on a holiday when other markets are open. Or when I wake up during the night – just a quick look at the oil price). Energytics, also because of the economics that are involved in understanding how this market works and how buyers should deal with it.

Bookmark Energytics if you want to read about developments in Europe’s energy markets (and since 2015 the US energy markets as well): the swings and turnarounds of the prices, the mergers and the takeovers, the supplier behavior, the pitfalls of buying energy, etc. I hope you’ll enjoy it and share your thoughts with me.

Benedict De Meulemeester, CEO of E&C

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